Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Leg yield to the rail and canter

Leg yield to the rail and canter - Bill Hoos Start expecting your horse to pick up the canter straight now, then when it is time to do lead changes, you will have a horse that does them straight.

If you ask a question, expect an answer

If you ask a question, expect an answer - Bill Hoos If you ask someone a question, do you expect them to give you an answer? How do you feel if they don't? Mad, disrespected, ignored? What is your response? Ask again, get louder, more aggressive, get their attention? When you use your aids on your horse, you are essentially asking them a question. Do you ask again and again and again and get no answer? Do you use the same aid in the same way over and over? If this is happening with your horse and they are ignoring your aids or not giving you the right answer, do something about it! Turn up the volume, get more aggressive with your aid, back it up, get their attention. Just like you wouldn't put up with someone not answering you if you asked them a question, don't put up with it from your horse. Expect an answer and get it!