Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bludgeon me with basic basics

Tamarack Hill Farm - Denny Emerson "Bludgeon me with basic basics" THAT is what we all need to ask our teachers to do. Like "heads up-heels down." We need to say: "PLEASE----don`t baby me, don`t coddle me, don`t patronize me, don`t be a "ching ching" cash register teacher who says, "Wonderful---Great Job" next rider, please. Tell me what I need to improve. Don`t treat me like a war criminal if I can`t do what you ask right away, but treat me like you would treat your best student, even if I`m not. And DO NOT let your d$%#@ mother get on your instructors case if she yells at you sometimes----Intensity is a big part of the deal.

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